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October 24, 2014 | Volume 11 Issue 42


TOP STORY: RPG Academy: Parameters: Do You Know Your Options?, Part 2
ADVERTORIAL: Case Study: PowerTech's IBM i Security Solutions
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: iBelieve Tour Returns to Europe Bigger and Stronger
MC PRESS BOOKSTORE: Top 10 Best-Selling Titles
MC VIDEO PORTAL: Security Admin Tasks - Examining the audit journal
MC INDUSTRY BLOGS: Why Network Security 6.50?
EVENT: Reporting and Analytics for Manufacturers and Distributors

Sponsor - The MC Press Bookstore

An old dog can learn new tricks! Flexible Input, Dazzling Output with IBM i is full of clever ways to get data into your IBM i system, as well as new techniques to export and present this data in a modern, business-friendly manner. No more boring spreadsheets or ugly printouts! Your DB2 data will look great in program-generated spreadsheets and browser-based, interactive charts. Whether you’re an old dog or not, you’ll get the most out of your ILE RPG programs with the open source, free tools in this smart new release! Order your copy today!


Feature Article - Programming
RPG Academy: Parameters: Do You Know Your Options?, Part 2

The *NOPASS option is very useful, but it's not the perfect solution for every situation. This TechTip continues to discuss the different options available, explaining what *OMIT is and when and how to use it.

rafael victoria preiraWritten by Rafael Victória-Pereira

What if you need the 21st and 22nd parameters of a procedure's parameter list with 40 parameters to be optional? Should you change the procedure's parameters, making the 23rd to 40th parameters optional too? That means validating whether all those parameters were passed and assigning default values to each of them. Not the best of solutions, right? This is the most annoying shortcoming of *NOPASS.


Sponsor - The MC Press Bookstore

Take the next step with PHP! Expand your knowledge and understanding of this essential programming language with the latest book from PHP guru Kevin Schroeder: Advanced Guide to PHP on IBM i. Master important PHP topics such as debugging, test-driven development, web-based development, advanced object-oriented programming, and web security. You’ll also get an in-depth look at the new PHP Toolkit for IBM i provided by Zend Technologies. Don’t delay; get started today on building your understanding and skill level with this example-packed, accessible book. Order today! 


Advertorial - PowerTech
Case Study: PowerTech's IBM i Security Solutions

PowerTech's security software helps Seneca Gaming Corporation play the security game and win by auditing, monitoring, and controlling user activity.

robin tatamWritten by Robin Tatam

For centuries, the Seneca people have made their home in the western portion of what is now New York State. During their proud, rich history, they relied heavily on hunting, fishing, and agriculture for food. They were great con­querors and fierce adversaries, as well as sophisticated politicians with centuries of democratic savvy. By 1848, they had developed their own constitution and elective government, and officially became the Seneca Nation of Indians.


MC Video Portal

MC Video Portal

Security Admin Tasks - Examining the audit journal

In this informative video:  Carol Woodbury, President of SkyView Partners, discusses the security administration requirement to view audit journal entries on a daily basis and how that can realistically be accomplished using SkyView's Audit Journal Reporter product.


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