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July 25, 2012 | Volume 1 Issue 4


TOP STORY: What's Available to Protect Your Data in the Power AIX World
FEATURED ARTICLE: Managing Disks and File Systems on AIX
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: IBM Reports 2012 Second-Quarter Results
ON-DEMAND WEBCAST: Security and Compliance: What are the Issues on IBM AIX and How do they Relate to the IBM i
EVENT: SkyView: 5 Tips for Administering Security in the IFS
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Feature Article - Operating Systems
What's Available to Protect Your Data in the Power AIX World

A 10,000-foot view shows that you have two major categories of data protection for your Power AIX: Disaster Recovery (DR) products and High Availability (HA) products.

Written by Robert Seal

Do you know that the HA solutions are most often used for normal maintenance? And that the most common cause of an outage is human? Sloppy network people taking down the network without letting users know, software bugs, and operator errors cause more than 50 percent of outages. Many people purchase HA products so that they can do their daily backups on the target.


Feature Article - Operating Systems
Managing Disks and File Systems on AIX

Determine the size and type of disks, change a file system size, or add or remove a VG. It's all right here for you.

david tansleyWritten by David Tansley

Managing disk or data storage is a common task for system administrators. As data grows on the disks or file systems, you have to expand the storage area. In some cases, you have to reduce storage from one area and give it to another data area. To be able to do this, you must understand the information presented to you when you run any commands related to disk or file system data.


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