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September 13, 2010 | Volume 5 Issue 17


TOP STORY: Improving the Supply Chain Through Global Standards
FEATURED ARTICLE: The Power of Information Availability: What Every Senior Executive Should Know
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: IBM Delivers New Software to Help Clients Adopt Smarter Security and Compliance Management
WHITE PAPER: The Power of Information Availability--What Every Senior Executive Should Know
FORUM: IBMDA400 Data Connection Hangs
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Feature Article - Internet
Improving the Supply Chain Through Global Standards

The GS1 Item Alignment initiative via the GDSN now includes foodservice and healthcare and is rapidly advancing worldwide.

jeff_holzmanWritten by Jeff Holzman

This article provides an update on the status of GS1 standards-based Item Alignment via the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN). A lot has changed in the last two years. GS1 US has a new CEO, Bob Carpenter, who is devoted to the advancement of GS1's core mission in the United States. I believe that having a senior executive who is fully committed to advancing the standards-based initiatives in the U.S. and improving commerce for GS1 community members is a good structural change. Further, it is my opinion that GS1 has found a quality individual—experienced, hard-working, and well-educated—to fill the organization's most important leadership role. I spent some time speaking with Bob Carpenter, as well as some of his key executives. What I learned is detailed below.


Feature Article - System Administration
The Power of Information Availability: What Every Senior Executive Should Know

Recover business value from unprofitable downtime.

bill_hammondWritten by Bill Hammond

Editor's note: This article introduces the white paper "The Power of Information Availability: What Every Senior Executive Should Know" available free at the MC White Paper Center.


Every business—large or small—faces multiple marketplace challenges. They come from increasing competition and customer churn and from productivity and profitability concerns. Overwhelming, you're being asked to find and deliver new value at every turn. And you expect information and technology to deliver cost-effective value.


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