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September 14, 2009 | Vol 4 Issue 16


In This Issue:

Feature Article - System Administration
What You Should Know About Using Virtualization for HA

Virtualization has multiple meanings and purposes. Learn how you can use it to increase data and application availability.

bill_hammondWritten by Bill Hammond
Virtualization can serve a number of valuable purposes in IT departments, but exactly what is virtualization?


There are at least two definitions of the term. Server virtualization allows multiple logical servers--possibly using different operating systems--to run on a single physical machine. On IBM Power Systems, server virtualization services are provided primarily through PowerVM. Its hypervisor can run multiple instances of IBM i, AIX, and Linux in separate partitions on a single physical system.


Feature Article - Database
Web 2.0 Business Intelligence: IBM i, Windows, or Both?

Achieve an impressive ROI using i-based reporting and BI software to connect users to the latest Web 2.0 technology.

bill_langstonWritten by Bill Langston

Editor's Note: This article is a distillation of the Webcast "Migrating from IBM Query/400?" which is available free from the MC Press Webcast Center. It also covers information from the white paper "Replacing Query/400: Understanding Your Options," also available free from the MC Press White Paper Center.


Recent IBM announcements and acquisitions in the business intelligence (BI) market might lead you to think your company must be one of the few not yet embracing predictive analytics, data warehousing, or cloud computing for BI. In reality, most mid-size companies today rely on a mix of queries, reports, file transfers, temporary databases, and spreadsheets to help them make business decisions and share information.


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