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September 15, 2014 | Volume 9 Issue 16


TOP STORY: In the Wheelhouse: The Question of Hiring IBM i Talent
FEATURED ARTICLE: Technology Focus: Finding What Shouldn't Be Broken with Software Testing Tools
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Midrange Performance Group Announces Navigator MAX  
WHITE PAPER: Environmental Hazards to Peak Performance  
MC VIDEO PORTAL: Top Ten Security Vulnerabilities of IBM i Security Configuration 
EVENT: User-Friendly, Real-Time Business Intelligence for IBM i with Business i

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New! Mobile Access to IFS

kLink is a mobile application server running on your IBM i providing user initiated secure document retrieval from your IFS to mobile devices. This allows your users to login and view documents that you make available to them. kLink has built in security to prevent hacking and to quickly deliver private content only to the appropriate authorized end user. Safe and efficient distribution of public and private content to any browser or mobile device.

Free Live Trial or call 800 356 0203.


Feature Article - Analysis
In the Wheelhouse: The Question of Hiring IBM i Talent

Hiring new people may not be as complicated as we make it out to be.

steve pitcherWritten by Steve Pitcher

My task this spring was to hire a developer. We knew which way the business wanted to grow and needed some additional full-time development help to begin with. We had some "legacy" IBM Domino applications that desperately needed a refresh in terms of functionality and web enablement, plus we needed to be more flexible in doing custom development to augment the primary ERP systems. Also, the ability for new apps to be built with a responsive design was a must-have, given our growing demand for mobile computing.


Sponsor - ASNA

ASNA Mobile RPG (MR) empowers RPG programmers to create IBM i smartphone and tablet apps with ILE RPG. MR doesn’t requiring learning HTML or JavaScript or PHP or any other of the traditional mobile development technologies. Rather, RPG programmers simply use plain ol’ RPG to create smartphone and tablet apps. A Windows-based mobile UI designer is included that features many mobile “widgets” (including maps, charts, signature capture, images and others) for creating the mobile user interface. Learn More today.


Feature Article - Application Software
Technology Focus: Finding What Shouldn't Be Broken with Software Testing Tools

Bugs in software can be due as much to organizational problems as bad coding. Finding errors reliably often requires some help.

john gristWritten by John Ghrist

When you stop and consider how complex some of today's software applications can be, it can seem like a minor miracle that they work as advertised. As we all know though, applications often don't do what they're supposed to do or don't do it the right way. When that happens, software testing tools and methodologies can be an important remedy.


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What are the top 10 reasons IT projects fail? Find out in Fundamentals of Technology Project Management. This is the guide every tech project manager needs to learn vital project and people management skills. Written by certified project manager Colleen Garton, PMP, this book addresses the unique needs of the IT project manager. This second edition teaches you how to use new technologies and social media to help manage projects. Includes document templates for all phases of the project and tips on project scheduling, meeting agendas, cost analyses and more!


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MC Video Portal

MC Video Portal

Top Ten Security Vulnerabilities of IBM i Security Configuration

In this Webinar:  SkyView Partners has been performing security assessments for the IBM i community for over 12 years. Based on the findings of these assessments, Carol Woodbury will present the Top 10 vulnerabilities found in IBM i security configurations. She will talk about each issue, making sure to describe how the vulnerability poses risk to your data. In addition, her discussion will include the prevalence of these issues, how to assess the risk of these issues as they pertain to your environment and options for addressing the vulnerabilities.