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September 24, 2007  |  Volume 2, Issue 17


In This Issue:
Automating Processes via Workflow
>> Maturing Technologies: Microsoft Vista—An Update

Feature Article - Application Software
Automating Processes via Workflow

Workflow and BPM can be used to automate tasks, send documents through an organization, and ensure that important documents don't get held up anywhere.

That purchase order you requested has been sitting on your manager's desk for the last week. Your manager is on vacation and will be for another three days. The deadline is tomorrow, and it must get approved and move to the next person, who will send it to Purchasing for order placement. How much longer can you wait? How much longer can Purchasing wait? How much longer can the rest of your organization afford to be held up?

Needless to say, this is not how any business should run. That's why companies have been depending on business processes for years. These practices organize key processes and ensure that they are being followed and that your business stays running.


Feature Article - Operating Systems
Maturing Technologies: Microsoft Vista—An Update

Microsoft's latest operating system, Vista, has been available for almost a year. During that period, a number of interesting developments have come to pass.

When Vista was released, I predicted that the new operating system would be widely adopted in the same manner that other new versions of Windows have been implemented in the past. That was where I was wrong. Sure, I said, there are some problems and inconveniences associated with the adoption of any new OS, and Vista would surely have its share, but inevitably the rollout would roll on. Not true this time.

There are a number of reasons cited as to why only a fraction of us have migrated to Vista. The Internet forums and blogs are full of them:


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