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September 4, 2013 | Volume 12 Issue 17


TOP STORY: Practical SQL: Variables in SQL
FEATURED ARTICLE: Genuine Dynamic Program-Exported External Data in IBM i
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: RPG & DB2 Summit Expands Room Block and RSE Workshop Capacity
WHITE PAPER: The Essential Guide to IBM i Database Modernization
EVENT: How To Deal With the Side Effects of "Big Data"?

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Feature Article - Programming
Practical SQL: Variables in SQL

One problem with complex queries is keeping all the pieces in sync; this technique helps you do just that.

joe plutaWritten by Joe Pluta

I've long extolled the virtues of common table expressions (or CTEs), and I've also showed you how to use UNION statements to great advantage. They're powerful, and I find them particularly well suited to performing ad hoc analysis on production data. Unfortunately, both of those techniques can fall prey to a very specific problem that has caused me severe headaches in my analyses. This article explains the problem and the recently added feature that provides a solution.


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Is mobile an initiative for your business? Find out how you can go beyond Web applications to create applications with native device capabilities, such as Camera… even if you’ve never created a mobile application!

Watch this on-demand Webinar with IBM’s Tim Rowe and Profound Logic’s Scott Klement and Alex Roytman, and discover how you can create high-quality mobile applications using your existing RPG knowledge and the right tools.

You’ll learn: 

  • How the IBM i platform supports mobile development
  • Why hybrid applications are a great option to deliver mobile apps with more functionality than Web apps can offer
  • How to develop mobile apps with native capabilities without becoming an Obj-C and Java expert, or using overly complicated tools 

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Feature Article - Programming
Genuine Dynamic Program-Exported External Data in IBM i

Learn the native dynamic external data mechanism we have had since System/38.

junlei liWritten by Junlei Li

As an IBM i developer, you might be proud of the numerous dynamic features in either the OS level or the machine interface (MI) level that allow our developers to produce more reliable and maintainable software products with less effort. For example, the Override commands allow programmers to override (replace) a file that is used by a program or override certain parameters of the file being processed so that changes to either the actual file or manner of processing the file are transparent to the program that uses it.


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